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Who we are

Mawejje Creations was born 2014 and come into existence in 2018 with the aim of developing affordable banana fiber products to reduce banana waste, enabling banana growers earn extra income to sustain themselves while creating jobs opportunities for youth and women in rural communities of Uganda through banana fiber production, incubation programs, hands-on skills training. We envision to be the leading company in Uganda and Africa improving the economic & social status of banana growers through recycling banana waste into products of value.At Mawejje Creations we believe in a team where everyone achieves more and no one is above the other.

Our Brand Identity

Our logo represents us and our vision. Improving the social and economic status for youth and women which we strive to achieve through empowerment.

The Logo icon consits of abstract letter M with empowered people. The M represents Mawejje Creations and empowerment.  On top of the icon, leaves which represents nature and the different color variations.

The whole construction of the logo represents the creativity and innovativeness of Mawejje Creations.

Core Values

Mawejje Creations is committed to practicing what it teaches at all the team, individual and community levels.

Consquebtly will shall uphold the following values.

1. Integrity: We are honest in all our undertakings and accountable to the people we serve and our partners

2. Commitment to building strong communities: This is through skilling and empowerment of the youths and women and also encouraging creativity

3. Respect: We have a high regard and mindfulness of one another and the people we serve

4. Compassion: Exercising compassion by finding need and filling it

Our Mission

To develop affordable banana fiber products, enable banana growers earn extra income while creating jobs opportunity for youth and women in rural & urban communities of Uganda

Our Vision

To be leading enterprise in Uganda and Africa improving the social and economic status for youth and women.