Slowing down Fast Fashion

    With exponentially growing populations and fashion trends coming and going faster than ever, we are beginning to realize the effects of our industrial explosion from the past 100 years. Fashion is now the world’s second leading cause of pollution trailing only oil. While cotton was gaining popularity as a cheap textile for centuries, banana fiber usage was all but forgotten. At the current scale of manufacturing, the unnatural process used to make clothing from cotton is causing landfills to overflow. After being treated with chemicals, the cotton no longer continues to decompose as it would naturally. In many places around the world, leather manufacturing also continues to poison environments and the humans that work in the factories. This remains true for many massively produced textiles in modern society. Environmental champions have shown that sustainable manufacturing practices and processes can help reduce the negative impacts of global consumerism. This now serves as a demand driver for products and companies that leave a smaller carbon footprint. Socially aware consumers are getting behind social impact companies like never before. For centuries there has been an overwhelming supply of banana fiber material ready for handmade paper making, and now the demand is rising.


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