Post COVID-19 Hands-On Skills Training 2020

    A bad beginning makes a good ending, many of people worldwide testify this, when covid 19 broke in to the country, the country was affected economically and about 1000 people lost jobs, schools  were closed and girls were becoming pregnant and the situation was worrying as no one knew what was next. As the lock down was lifted slowly, Mawejje creations organized a hands on skills training on how to make money from using banana fibers which does not need a lot of capital, Matooke being the staple food in central we believe that everyone can access the banana fibers, for a period of 10 days where they were able to train and equip 10 youths with the aim of helping out youths that were negatively affected by covid 19 pandemic. The youths were equipped with different skills of making different products from banana fibers like Jewelry, photo frame and glass covers/coasters. The trainees testify that everyone on this planet should live a decent life as longer as you have such skills because on the second day of the training one of the trainees by names of Dorcas started selling her products to her family members and took lots of orders. The training was interesting where trainees sorted their banana fibers identifying what is good and not good to use, coming up with different designs of glass covers, jewelry and photo frames with the guidance of the trainer, educative where every participants was awarded a certificate, free of charge not forgetting that it was money making irrespective of which level of education you are at.




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