Mawejje Creations

What impact do we have within our community?

Mawejje Creations provides jobs directly to young people and indirectly to people who sell our products for commission. This has contributed to self-employment hence reducing the rate of unemployment in young people. It has also increased on the incomes of young people in our community since they are able to put food on a plate.

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Mawejje Creations is social Enterprise and banana fiber center. We work torwads the improved social and economic status of Youth and Women. 

We are not just here to improve the social and economic status of youth but, we believe in team where everyone achieves more and no one is above the other.

We strong believe that working with us,being part of our team ìs more than impacting and empowering but a created platform for you to achieve and live a your passion which takes back to say that when you achieve we also achieve.

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